Taxation Services

As a gateway to the vast tax resources within YWL, we can offer a fresh look at your tax position with an eye towards broader business objectives. Our dedicated team of tax professionals works closely with you to understand your organization’s global goals and strategies and how industry and economic trends affect your business.

Tax affects every transaction a business undertakes and it is ever changing. Our tax experts keep you up to speed on the developments that affect your business, help you interpret their significance and integrate tax considerations into your overall strategy.

Corporate Tax

Searching for a tax advisor who understands not only the intricacies of tax law, but also your business? The answer is YWL.’s Corporate Tax practice. We will work with you to minimize your tax liability and ensure your organization complies with domestic and international tax law

Together, we can develop tax strategies that work for your organization and industry, and help streamline compliance processes. Learn more about how our Corporate Tax practice can assist you.

International Tax

For all of its complexity, the area of international tax boils down to a single imperative: Reduce your global effective tax rate. The rewards for doing so will appear at many levels of your organization.

The International Tax team YWL shares this focus. We offer innovative international tax-savings ideas that align with your overall business objectives and the way your company operates. We support these creative ideas with fast, well-executed implementations and diligent follow-up.

Success will mean embracing a certain level of change but we strive to minimize the disruption to your organization and customers. In fact, our collaborative approach has won accolades from many of our clients. So trust the international tax team with a unique combination of skills, experience, resources and tools.

International tax compliance burdens and consulting requirements have not changed just because the economy collapsed. YWL can help stretch your tax department’s budget!

Our value proposition is simple:

  • EXPERIENCED Consultants
  • EFFICIENT Processes

We add value through our specialized International Tax Service offerings including:

  • International Tax Compliance(Form 1120, 1120F, 1118, 5471, 5472, 8858, 8865)
  • International Attribute Consulting (Earnings and Profits, Outside/Inside Basis, Subpart F Modeling and consulting)
  • Operational Reviews
  • Repatriation of foreign earnings modeling and consulting
  • APB 23 calculation and consulting
  • FAS 109 and FIN 48 consulting
  • U.S. to foreign and foreign to foreign transfer pricing consulting
  • Merger & Acquisition transaction modeling and consulting
  • Foreign currency impact determinations under IRC 987 and 988
  • IRS audit representation
  • Analyze U.S. and local tax transactions and return implications for the Greater China region.

Comprehensive Tax Solutions

Elevate the strategic role of your tax department, and you can have a lasting, positive impact on your company’s effective tax rate, cash flow management, and, ultimately, shareholder value. Invaluable to this process would be a resource, your tax specialist of YWL, dedicated solely to generating creative tax savings ideas.

The Tax specialists YWL are just this resource, and this is our focus: understanding your organization’s global goals and strategies, and then collaborating closely with you to identify and implement tax strategies that work best within your organization, culture, and risk tolerance parameters.

Comprehensive Tax Review

Many critical eyes scrutinize your company’s fiscal performance. So wouldn’t you welcome any opportunity to reduce cash outlays for taxes, receive refunds of taxes, and reduce your overall effective tax rate? A comprehensive tax review by YWL can do that and more. Our collaborative and comprehensive review of all your taxes-U.S. federal, foreign, state, and local-can make a significant impact on your tax bill and advance your strategic and operational business objectives. Let us tailor a review to your particular needs and priorities; the results can significantly reduce your tax burden.

Tax Technology Solutions

In a world where business can span the globe and technology touches every aspect of the organization, it’s good to know there is help nearby. Over the years, we have expanded the global reach of our tax and technology services and will continue to do so as our clients’ needs develop and change. We combine more than 10 years of tax technology development with our experienced tax professionals to deliver enhanced tax software client service and business process improvement.